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The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before training starts.

NOTE: Training can be split into 2 sessions.

Elevate Your Tactical Skills – Literally!

Dive from the skies and into an immersive mission that demands you exercise the skills gained during your three-day train-up.

Course Highlights:

  • World Class Tandem Instructors: Our instructors are some of the most experienced and skill military free-fall instructors in the world. 
  • Intensive Curriculum: Three days of rigorous training covering day and night marksmanship, ballistics, navigating under Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) post-jump, mission planning, trauma medicine, and gear setup for airborne operations.
  • Real-World Simulation: Experience the adrenaline rush of jumping out of an aircraft and executing a mission post-landing, putting all your learned skills into action.
  • All-Inclusive: Stay energized with our provided lunches, dinners, and cold drinks. Have specific dietary needs? Just inform us, and we'll cater to your requirements.

Pricing Details:

Given the specialized nature of airborne infiltration and the varying needs of our participants, pricing is tailored to individual requirements. Various aircraft types are available.

We will call do discuss personalized quote.

Why Our Airborne Course?

Beyond the thrill of the jump, our training stands out for its real-world applicability. With a culmination exercise on the 4th day, students get to apply everything they've learned in a simulated mission environment, ensuring skills are not just acquired but also deeply ingrained.

Limited Enrollment!

To maintain our high standards and ensure each participant receives the best training experience, slots are limited. This course is designed for experienced jumpers, ensuring safety and a high level of expertise.

Take the Leap

Are you ready to elevate your tactical capabilities and experience the ultimate airborne training?

NOTE: All participants must adhere to safety guidelines and protocols. Terms and conditions apply. 

All participants must be United States Citizens.

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