Experience Precision Like Never Before

Unlock the secrets of elite marksmanship with our exclusive Day + Night Precision Rifle Training. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting out, our tailored instruction ensures you master the art of precision shooting, both in the light of day and the cover of night.

Comprehensive Curriculum 

Dive deep into day and night marksmanship, understanding the nuances of ballistics in varying conditions.

All-Inclusive Experience

We've got you covered with delicious lunches, dinners, and cold drinks. Have specific dietary needs? Just let us know, and we'll cater to your requirements.

Bring Your Gear

We encourage participants to bring their own equipment and ammo to ensure comfort and familiarity.

No Gear? No Problem

For those without their own equipment, we have a range of top-tier rifles, sights, goggles, lasers, and more on hand.

Ammo Arrangements

If you're in need of ammunition, we can arrange it for an additional fee.

NOTE:  Custom training packages available upon request.