Equipment Pt. 1
Bolt Action Sniper Rifles


Extreme Long Range or Hard Target Interdiction. Compatible w. various rounds depending on the type of training.


  • Designed for SOCOM’s Advanced Sniper Rifle solicitation, this rifle is multi-caliber, lightweight and the pinnacle of precision in a tactical rifle.
  • Available rounds include: 6mm, 6.5 Creedmor, .308, .300winmag, .300 Norma, .338 Norma, and .338 Lapua

Equipment Pt. 2
Night Vision (Clip-On)


Cooled thermal sight; provides detection and engagement of targets well beyond 1km. The bullet trace is visible to the shooter.


Advanced Dual Band Universal Night Sight; only US Military sight that fuses two optical channels to achieve a single image output of both thermal and night vision.

Equipment Pt. 3
DRS Watchmaster Pro+ Long Range Surveillance Camera

  • Recording capability; long range color day-time camera & long range cooled thermal camera; ability to watch bullet trace.
  • Excellent training tool for After Action Reviews (AARs). Increases hit probability of follow-up engagements at long distances.

Equipment Pt. 4
Night Vision Goggles

Panoramic Goggles

Aether Optics PNVG-105 provides increased FOV, enhancong situational awareness and reducing reaction time to threats

PVS 15 Binoculars

Standard dual tube night vision goggles.

Other specialized goggle systems available upon request.